Birthday Blog: Piss & Moan with Perspective

I'm turning 33 in four days.  The last couple of weeks have been marked by an overwhelming sense of isolation and sadness; and a few days ago my car got broken into.  I was playing Car Insurance Roulette, trying to keep my rate affordable; and, while I'll miss my 80GB iPod that kept me company for over 200,000 miles of road-comic travel, I'm not above burning CD's like it's 2002.  What I'm going to miss most are the original, no-copies-in-existance, photographs of my deceased, bad-ass Grandmother.

My First BLAH'G!

     My First BLAH'G!  I’d like to start off slooooowly.  Setting the bar low and delivering high is how I prefer to operate.  For now, let’s start with the short tale and a few pictures of my super-cute new roadie, Kirby.  Of course, behind every little yellow pig, is a story.  One that usually begins with children, as this one does.